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Pheasants Forever Inc.

Pheasants Forever Inc. is a non-profit tax-exempt organiztion incorporated in Minnesota August 5, 1982. The purpose of the organization is to protect and enhance pheasant and other wildlife populations throughout North America through public awareness and education, habitat resoration, development and maintenance and improvements in land and water management policies.

Pheasants Forever Inc. and its logo are registered trademarks and cannot be used, commissioned or otherwise represented without written permission of the corporation. Pheasants Forever is also incorporated in Canada.

Canadian address

P.O. Box 4052
Station C
Calgary, Alberta, T2T5M9
(403) 217-0614

All rights reserved. No part of the Pheasants Forever website or MarketPlace may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the organization.
1982-2014 Pheasants Forever Inc.

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