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Garmin Alpha GPS Track & Train


Tracking and training dogs has now become easier with the Garmin Alpha GPS Track and Train all-in-one system. The Alpha is built into a rugged case for outdoor use but still boasts a crisp, bright, 3”color touch screen for glove friendly operation. The Alpha 100 handheld provides the user with the ability to track up to 20 dog or fellow hunters simultaneously up to 9 miles away. You can even share data wirelessly via Garmin’s ANT wireless technology with other Alpha 100 users.

The fun to use Alpha is feature packed, yet has a straight forward design making one hand operation comfortable, even when using training button feature. Communicate with each individual dog, and even set up virtual boundaries on your map, which will alert you when the dog wanders out of the geo-fence. A great feature to keep them away from hazards. Utilize the Birds eye Satellite Imagery to get a clear overhead perspective roads and terrain even tree line and smaller bodies of water. At a glance dog stats provides you with current dog movement or on-point/treed distance from the Alpha 100 unit. Valuable information such a speed, distance traveled, and update rate readings are displayed on one screen.

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