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Bird & Buck Clover & More Mix


Clover & More is a unique combination of high quality, long lasting clovers, alfalfa and more that produce superior browsing habitat for deer and turkeys and brooding areas for upland game bird chicks. This high protein blend of legumes is very palatable—deer find it irresistible! Bird & Buck Clover & More has been field tested in Ohio for the past 5 years, with consistently excellent results. An 8 lb bag plants 1 acre, and it also makes a great planting for spring firebreaks. Bird & Buck Clover & More can be broadcast, planted with a drop seeder or other methods. Plant very early in the spring or in the fall for best results.


Specific formula of alfalfa, rapeseed, alsike, arrowleaf, berseem, crimson, ladino and red clover. Enhanced with Legume Inoculants and MicroNutrients. This product is NOT Roundup Ready (it is not Glyphosate Tolerant).

*This product will not ship until early March 2014*

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